How to Protect Your Voice as a Professional Singer

As a singer, your vocal health should be your number one priority. A guitarist cannot use his guitar to play games therefore you must not joke with your voice.

The voice is a free instrument from God. We use it to speak an extension is to Sing. Therefore, whatever happens to your voice while speaking can reflect in your singing voice.

As a singer, proper care should be given to the vocal instrument.

Here are Twelve Tips to Help You Protect Your Voice

1) Stay Hydrated: Always stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water (Room temperature water preferable).

2) Vocal rest: Rest your voice at least one day a week.

3) Practice vocal exercises daily and before singing any song.

4) Vocalize for about 30 mins daily.

5) Avoid smoking and alcohol. If you must drink, increase your water intake.

6) Avoid singing from the throat. Use the singing muscles and the diaphragm

7) Get a vocal teacher/vocal coach

8) Avoid screaming/ whispering/shouting

9) Properly use the voice even when you are speaking.

10) Eat healthily. Eat good food. It’ll reflect on your voice.

11) Master your voice and choose songs comfortable in your vocal range. Don’t stretch your voice beyond its limit. You can train to expand your range but first expand the range before you take on a song above your range

12) Guard your voice jealously because it’s your instrument.

Click here to download a free ebook on how to protect your breath. 

Watch our vocal coaches Grace Oforka and Kinu Jacob speak on how to protect the voice.

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