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How to Participate
  • In order to participate in this singing project endeavor to have registered as a member of our virtual choir . If you are not registered click here to join
  • Please join our WhatsApp / Telegram group as well to keep up with latest info
How to Practice
In order to practice. Download full choir score.
Then practice along with your chosen voice type
After Practicing and getting your notes correctly  practice with this guide track.
The guide track is what you will use while recording.
How to create your recording space
  • Record your video in front of plain wall or other plain background.
  • Choose a blue OR red clothing (Shirts or gowns) without patterns or logos.
  • No hats or caps allowed
  • Record in a quiet room with the door closed to reduce unnecessary noise. Turn off fans, heaters or anything that hums or is noisy.
  • Make sure your face is brightly lit. Use whatever lamps or natural light you have available to achieve this.
  • If you have a tripod mount for your phone/camera please use it or secure your camera in some other way to minimize movement.
  • Place a smile on your face as you sing
  • Express your heart out as you sing
How to record your video
In order to record your video you will need two devices: Use one device to listen to the guide track provided and another device to record your performance. You can use any combination of a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet and/or a smartphone. You will need to wear headphones so that you can listen to the guide track whilst singing but only your voice is recorded. You can use any headphone. Make sure  you are the only one  in the video.
If you are using a smartphone silence it so your recording isn’t interrupted by a message or call.
Please record your video horizontally (landscape). And use your back camera if possible.
Connect your headphones to the device you’re using to watch and listen to the  guide track.
Set-up and secure your second device to record your video. Make sure you record horizontally (landscape) and that your face is centered in the middle of the screen.
If possible, please set your device to create an MP4 in 720p. Most smartphones create MP4s automatically and you can amend the resolution in your settings.
Start recording on your device
Count up to 4 in your head
Then Press play on the guide track video.
Please wait for approximately four counts (in your head!) after you finish singing before you stop recording.
Save your video.
Review your video and if you’re happy with your performance, move onto
 To Upload your Video.
Make sure it’s less than 50MB.
You can use a Compression tool like Video Panda to compress your video.
If you are finding it hard to upload your video in the form below. Send all information to [email protected]
Then fill the form below and click submit.
Happy Singing
Have fun.

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