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As a POP SINGER ,you have to learn to move around without distracting your audience or hurting your voice. TRUE OR FALSE

Practice singing with a relaxed tongue and open space. True OR False

Ear, hear, tier, gear, fear, year, near have _______ vowel sound

Inability to raise the soft palate makes the sound to sound nasal. True or False

Exhalation is the process of breathing out expelling air out of the lungs. True OR False

Watch and listen to a lot of story tellers because _____ music is filled with story telling.

Consciousness of the throat while singing shows that you are not breathing well or correctly. TRUE OR FALSE?

One can prepare the breathing muscles by regular breathing exercises. TRUE OR FALSE?

For resonating chest voice use upper chest cavity and lower ______

As a JAZZ SINGER ,do not try sliding your pitch and scatting while practicing, TRUE OR FALSE

Inhalation is the process of breathing out expelling air out of the lungs. True OR False

You can also pick difficult areas in the song and use for the vocalize. TRUE OR FALSE

The larynx Internal cavity can be divided into three parts except:

The singer should aim at singing with open space behind the tongue showing that the note she wants to pitch has no obstruction. True or False

The parts with the melody have the responsibility of setting the vowel sound while the harmony parts have the responsibility of matching the Leads vowels. True OR False

A monophthong is a simple vowel that is spoken or sang with one tone or mouth position. True OR False

The following include parts of the body that act as Resonators for singers EXCEPT

Baritone is the second lowest male voice type with a vocal range of A2 – A4.True OR False

Vocal warm ups helps the singer prepare the body. TRUE OR FALSE

The male voice type with a vocal range like that of an alto {E3 to E5.} is ____________

Oil, coin ,boy boil have ___________ vowel sound

While singing always ensure that your Jaw is free by moving it downwards and ______________

When you express with your eyes softly. Your voice will be soft and vice versa True or False?

It is the basis of excellent diction that singers sing the words with long, pure matched vowels and short, clean consonants. TRUE OR FALSE

Understanding the timbre of your voice can help you distinguish your voice from another. True OR False

Singers should avoid consciously raising the chest upper part failure to do so causes tension . True OR False

What is the highest female voice type

Your face should NOT be relaxed without any tension so that you have the best production. True OR False

A dome-shaped thin skeletal muscular partition that below the lungs and heart and separates the thorax from the abdomen is called__

The larynx Internal cavity can be divided into three parts which are

To avoid having a bad production of sound. Make sure that the large muscles around the ____ are flexible

Solfa notations use bar lines just as staff notations. They also use Colons to designate beats instead of symbols. BUT They do not use _____________ as staff notation does

When the choir matches their vowels properly audible overtones WILL NOT be produced TRUE OR FALSE

When the song is written on the minor key . ____becomes the tonic.

Ranges of tones in the voice produced by a vibratory pattern of the vocal folds are called_____

Tell yourself that the throat is never too______________(open or close)

Every singer should try to sing with freedom of throat and tongue .True or False?

Sight Singing is NOT the ability to sing and read music at first sight. True OR False

What is the most comfortable vocal range for a singer called?

Move jaw at every change of note True or False

What is the LARYNX?

The following include processes of voice production EXCEPT

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If you want to qualify for the next level (LEVEL 2) in our vocal training program. You will have to answer these questions.

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Dear Singers,

Please note that taking this exam makes you qualified to move to the next level of our voice training program.

This exam lasts for 2 hours. Please try to solve all questions before your time elapses.

Passing grade is 60%. If you do not pass pls don't feel bad just go and study our course on intensive vocal training. All questions are asked based on all we have studied in class.

Good luck.

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