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"My experience with Graciedion Media has been amazing. If you're a musician or you want to groom your voice, search no more because this institute would offer you the best and more. I am a witness to it."
Divine Ibeh

Divine Ibeh

from Nigeria


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Voice Training
Learn proper breathing and projection techniques.
Instrument Training
Learn how to play the guitar, piano, drums, and more.
Music Composition
Develop the skills of an artist and composer.
Music Studio
Immerse yourself in our modern studio loaded with the latest technology.

Music Exam Prep

We offer classes and coaching to prepare students for international music exams such as ABRSM, Trinity GAMS and Rockschool diploma.
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Music Distribution

We are proud to help artistes connect with like-minded fans and audience world-wide. We work with both established and emerging artistes.

Home Tutoring Available

The Graciedion music curriculum, known for it's high-quality, is now available as a convenient in-home music instruction service.

We offer hourly music lessons with a certified teacher through video chat.

Connect with our instructors on a weekly basis. Ideal for busy people.

Develop music skills that last a lifetime through our monthly program.


Why Learn Music With

Graciedion Media

We make music education accessible. Everyone should have access to quality music education, even if they don’t live in a city with a great music teacher. 

Chorale society

Join Our Chorale Society

Our chorale society is open to anyone who wants to sing heavenly harmonies with others.
Orange and black guitars for sale

Shop for Musical Instruments

We’re your source for new and used musical instruments and everything you need to make music.

What Our Students Are Saying

My experience with Graciedion Media has been amazing.
Divine Ibeh
Divine Ibeh
Graciedion Media is one of the best institute I've come across.
Glory Uhegbu
Glory Uhegbu
Graciedion Media is the best place to study anything music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no set time frame that it takes to learn an instrument. It completely depends on the child. Most students are playing a recognizable piece of music within a couple of weeks, yet other students take up to a year before they have learned certain things.

A piano is usually needed for piano lessons. You could rent or borrow one though, you just need to discuss that with your instructor in advance.

It depends on your level. We have got trainings for an absolute beginner, a beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each section takes a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 6 months to complete. It all depends on your passion and zeal .

Yes, sometimes students may be required to download or get some certain sheet of music online or listen, stream or download a piece of music.

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